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3g Deals South Africa

The best 3G deal in South Africa. As of today, 22 July 2011, the best 3G deal in South Africa is offered by 8ta. For R199 per month for 10GB, it makes it the cheapest 3G offering anywhere in South Africa.

For an additional R100 (when taking out the above data deal), residential users get an additional 10GB of data to use between midnight and the early hours of the morning.

The way this works is the basic 10GB is disabled during the off-peak period and the additional 10GB is used, once off-peak is over, the normal 10GB kicks in. In other words, you cannot download 20GB of data during the day or all at night.

The disadvantage is the 8ta is not available in all areas and you need 8ta network coverage (but not on the MTN network, which 8ta uses as a backup). You may only take this package out under your personal name, not a business. A once-off connection fee applies, which is in the region of R200, and a new SIM card is issued (RICA registration required your ID, proof of residence and proof of income - a payslip - and 3 month's bank statements, plus a form to complete, time to issue is about 30 minutes at any Telkom).

MTN offers "Internet bundles" which can be purchased over a till counter, online or by USSD. They also offer an "one-day unlimited browsing option". It is not actually unlimited, and has a limit of 150MB and costs R50.

MTN charges R2 for out-of-bundle data usage on Pay As You Go and across all packages once the allocated bandwidth is used up.

With Vodacom, you can get your Once-off, Month-to-Month, 24-month Data Contract, Top Up Data Contract or Prepaid Data Bundle on either Broadband Standard or Broadband Advanced.

Vodacom charges R2 for out-of-bundle data usage on Pay As You Go and across Broadband Standard packages once the allocated bandwidth is used up. Broadband Advanced is more expensive but once your bundle is used up, the same in-bundle rate will apply for the additional bandwidth used during that month.

Cell-C is currently running data bundle deals that include a 3G USB modem. You either pay a once-off fee and receive an allocated amount of bandwidth to be used monthly or within a 12 month period. For example, R749 buys you 3GB of data to be used within 12 months, and you receive a modem and SIM card. Whereas R1499 once-off pre-paid gets you 2GB per month (x12 months) plus a modem and SIM card. There are more deals online at CellC. The advantage is that you do not take a contract and these deals are once-off (RICA required of course) - you can even be blacklisted and buy a 3G card since it is pre-paid!

3g deals south africa


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